You're so beautiful. You look perfect :D

HNNN THANK YOU NON ;___; You’re so sweet and all and oh my *rolls across the galaxy*

I really suck at writing down my feels but you must know that if rolling gets into my sentence, you can be sure I’m giggling like a schoolgirl. Always.

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I really cant get over how perfect your art is. Lend me your power. It is exactly how i want my artstyle to be. Fangirls over you and your skwisgaar toki's in particular.

OMG, you’re so nice! I really screw around with style a lot, so I don’t even know which should I take care of in particular. You really don’t even know how happy I am to hear that my art is something you want your to be ;_______; Oh god I’m cry. Well Skwisgaar is my fav character, so I guess it’s convenient for you :’D

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Me too, panbrocake. Me too.


I have serious MarcyxBonnie feels right now.

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Some Bonnie for you :’>


I would love to have you know me better! It’s because I want you to see ME when you think about my blog, not just plain art. I want you to know that I’m here, just waiting for any of you to talk to me. So I decided to post this meme here, so if you find anything interesting it’s actually easier to start a conversation!

Base belongs to Nintendoart on Deviantart

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What kind of program do you use for your digital art? I love your art, it's wonderful!

HNNNNN THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON. You made my day *rolls*

I use Easy Paint Tool SAI for everything :>

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I tend to screw around with style a lot, as you could have noticed. Which one do you prefer? I started out with linearting and cell-shading, then I finally broke out of that, started soft shading, switched to one layer pieces, other time used simple cartoonish style… Just a lot. I wonder what is your thought on it? 

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mega-ashra asked me to upload it by itself and I love her so I’m going to do everything she says I should do.
Consider me your own human puppy :’D


I found an old basic idea of a druid lady and I decided to redraw it for fun.
It wasn’t fun when I got too into it.
God save me.
I don’t even.
What is life.


how long did it take you to learn to draw so well???

I started drawing about 7 years ago with one year gap but I mostly drew Naruto stuff. I started drawing Metalocalypse 4 months ago :>

Achieving the skill level I currently have is mostly for drawing non-stop in school instead of paying attention to irrelevant things, like lessons for example. Teehee.

Now let me go cry in the corner from happiness because I got second random question -rolls- Thank you panbrocakeeee!

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Klokateer request from neskamd <3  Writing down music has never looked so epic ;)



cans you draw skwisgaar as the batmans






Honestly, I sometimes wonder where you get your ideas, panbrocakes :V




Metalocalypse fandom! I haven’t forgotten you! I’m just… waiting for season 5. Also, 0 reference was used for costumes.

And if you’re not following NeskaMD yet, then you totally should. :)


Alright…alright… I concede. Yer batman. Congradulations…Now.

She needs to draw me as the Riddler and we’re even. 

What am I doing with my life.


Hnnn, you should be more careful, dead-klokateer, you’re the doctor <3 

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